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Why MoneyUncle

Access to new clients

Connect to new prospective clients at
zero marketing costs.

Connect Nationally 

Reach to New Clients across the country &
communicate over chat through Interaction Box.

Personalized Profile

Get a dedicated page for yourself highlighting
your expertise areas & experience to help find
new clients find you.

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Reach to New Clients across the country &
communicate over chat through Interaction Box.

Grow your Business Online

Recommend & help execute prospective clients suitable
financial plan based on their goals and requirements 

Build your Online Reputation Score

Reach to New Clients across the country &
communicate over chat through Interaction Box.

How it works

Get Advice

Top advisors give you concise answers after understanding your query

Connect to Advisors

Get in touch 1-on-1 with Advisor through Interaction Box for a more detailed discussion

Chat & Transact

Share your financial needs, goals and requirements and Advisors will recommend a tailor-made action plan for you

Some common questions

Can any advisor sign up for MoneyUncle Advisor Partner Program ?

No. It is a curated list of advisors across practice areas. These are handpicked by MoneyUncle team.

How are you screening advisors ?

We evaluate on parameters like expertise areas, no. of years of experience, current size of clients, type of client profile, professional certifications and few in-person qualitative discussion.

What is the difference between Requirements and Queries posted by users ?

Requirements are specific requests from potential clients who are seeking financial advice and are looking to hire a financial advisor. These are serious prospects which high probability to get converted into paying clients.

Queries are no-obligation requests from users seeking help with their situations. These are part of our free investor education, awareness and community support initiative. Replying to queries help you get more exposure on Money feed and get noticed by potential new clients.

What other things can I do other than replying to requirements and queries ?

Advisors can also write their own informative and advice-based articles, posts and updates. These help you build your authority over specific domain-expertise areas on the platform. Growing your online reputation and authority helps you get new business.

How does MoneyUnlce Advisor Match Algorithm work ?

Our intelligent proprietary algorithm matches you to new clients on pre-selected parameters like your domain expertise areas, your target client profile across Annual Income, Occupation, Nationality and Location.

How do I sign-up for MoneyUncle Advisor Partner Program ?

Please fill up the form for the same with required values. A Moneyuncle representative will call you soon on this.

Do I have to pay to sign-up ?

Once your are approved after the initial screening and curation rounds, you have 2 plans to choose from, BASIC and PREMIUM. You can call +91 8828828181 or email for further details.